VECOAX PIXEL 720P HDMI RF Modulator – Pro Video Instruments



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Perfect Quality HDMI Video Distribution



  • Send one HDMI Video to unlimited DIGITAL TUNER Televisions Over the existing TV Coaxial Cables as HDTV Channel in Perfect HD 720P Dolby

  • Receives on unlimited TVs together with any other Local or Cable TV channels

  • Simply Rescan All TVs to Find Your HDTV Channel

  • Replaces Video Extenders & Matrixes -Send HDMI Video as TV Channels direct to TVs -no need of special cables or parts at each TV

  • Installs in minutes anywhere, set your channel number via side selectors, connect HDMI & TV Coax Cable, Done

  • Distribute more HDMI Channels simply adding more units at any time - Free Unlimited Phone Tech support & 5 Year Warranty

 HDMI To Coax Converter Adapter solutions with example diagram for how to do it



The VeCOAX PIXEL Distributes any of yours HDMI Video Sources to an unlimited number of DIGITAL HD TUNER TELEVISION over the existing TV Coax Cables, with professional perfect HD 720P & Dolby digital quality.

There is no need for any new cables nor accessory behind each tv, so the installation is very simple, immediate, plug 'n play anywhere, perfect for any application.

Set the wanted channel names & position numbers, then rescan all TVs to find the VeCOAX PIXEL Channels as new available HDTV TV Channels.

Expand the number of channels at any time by simply adding more VeCOAX modulators on the same coax.

The PVI VeCOAX PIXEL HD Modulators are compatible to any HD Video Source & HD Digital Tuner Television, limitless, Made in USA with Free Unlimited Tech Support and 5 Year Warranty.




Technical Specification:



  • HDMI Input resolution 1080p | 1080i| 720p| 576p| 576i| 480p| 480i @ 24|50|60fps Output Resoultion : 720P 60fps
  • HDMI Audio Format: Dolby Digital Stereo LPCM
  • RF frequency range: 139 - 950 MHz
  • RF Channel Bandwith: 6/7/8 MHz. Model specific to the broadcast format
  • Channel Range: 2-69 ATSC Mode | 2-135 QAM mode
  • RF Output power: -8dBm | ~40dBmv
  • RF Connector type: F-Type
  • Coaxial cable Characteristic impedance: 75Ω
  • Coaxial cable support types: RG59 | RG6
  • RF transmission distance: ≤300m(~900 ft) RG59 | RG6 coaxial standard cable
  • Max working current: 650mA @ 12 volts
  • Power adapter format Input: AC 100V~240V 50HZ/60Hz, DC12V/1A
  • Operating Temperature range: -10 to +45℃
  • Storage Temperature range: -20 to +60℃
  • Operating Humidity range: 10 to 90%RH (No Condensation)
  • Storage Humidity range: 5 to 95%RH (No Condensation)
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 2.875in(3.5coax F connector) * 3.5in * 1in