INFINIUM Encoder Card 3G HEVC SDI – Pro Video Instruments


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Game changer in video distribution to encode with confidence




  • HD Video Encoder Card Hot-Swappable to INFINIUM Video Distribution Chassis
  • Compatible with any  HD 3G SDI source
  • HEVC  Mode saves 4 times the Bandwidth for more audience
  • Can create up to 4 different simultaneous compression & resolution streams out each with watermarks & logos
  • Video Compressions: HEVC/ H.264 / MJPG 
  • Audio Compressions: AC3 / MP2 / AAC LC / AAC HE / MP3 / PCM
  • Protocols: SRT ultra low latency down to 50 msec / RTMP / M3U8 / HLS / HTTP / UDP / RTP / RTSP - 1 gigabit unicast server


3G SDI HD Encoder Card



  • Hot Swap, Modular, Future proof , Redundant
  • All Streaming protocols
  • Multiple simultaneous formats output to reach different devices simultaneously ( ipad , phones,  pc , tv) 
  • direct Streaming to internet
  • Streaming to Youtube
  • Streaming to AWS
  • Streaming to Facebook
  • Unicast / Multicast streamingStreaming to any server
    Super low latency
  • Auto-reconnect
  • Compatible with SRT decoders
  • Error correction protocols




Technical Specifications:


IPTV Streaming Output
Streaming Protocols
SRT / RTMP / RTMPS / HLS / HTTP / RTSP / RTP / FLV / ONVIF / UDP/RTP Unicast-Multicast

Multiple Simultaneous Formats
Can output up to 4 different Compressions at the same time choice of HEVC or H264 or Mjpeg
Each stream can have a different streaming protocol choice of SRT / RTMP / RTMPS / HLS / HTTP / RTSP / RTP / FLV / ONVIF / UDP/RTP Unicast-Multicast

Error Correction Protocols
SRT Secure Reliable Transport

Super Ultra Low Latency Protocols
SRT Fast as 50 milliseconds plus network TTL

SRT Compatible Decoders

  • VLC VideoLAN software
  •  VLC VideoLAN based players
  • Any SRT Standard player device
  • Our PVI VEPLAYER Decoder Click here to explore

UNICAST Streaming

  •  Built-In hardware secure server
  •  100 Megabit Streaming Port
  •  Up to 100 Megabit Connections
  •  200 Connected Users @ 500 Kilobit each ( or more or less depending from the encoding bitrate up to the maximum bandwidth of the encoder port of 100 megabit/s.
  •  NOTE: for unlimited unicast bandwidth & audience simply send one stream to your youtube channel account to use youtube platform as a global broadcast repeater with unlimited unicast bandwidth or use any other similar internet server platform


  • Unlimited Video Player Devices / Unlimited Audience in multicast ( hundreds of thousands in Multicast - no limits)
  •  Built-In hardware secure server
  • 100 Megabit Port
  • Works over any LAYER2 and Higher Network Switch capable to handle multicast Streaming (see switch specification if supports multicast hd or 4k video streaming)
  • IGMPv1/v2/v3 Compatible for optimal multicast streaming to unlimited devices over the same multicast capable network with fully-automated routing and network badnwidth optimization

Direct Streaming To Internet

  • Streams directly to any device via the internet router
  • Configure the router to publish the ip service of the module and play from anywhere over internet
  • Streaming To Youtube
  • Send One stream to Youtube for Youtube-Live application
  • Serve Unlimited audience via YOUTUBE Distribution
  • Can send the same streams to multiple social platform for multiple distribution at once
  • Streaming To AWS
  • Send One stream to AWS for AWS Live restreaming application
  • Serve Unlimited audience via AWS Distribution
  • Can send the same streams to multiple social platform for multiple distribution at once

Streaming To FaceBook

  • Send One stream to FaceBook for FaceBook-Live application
  • Serve Unlimited audience via FaceBook Distribution
  • Can send the same streams to multiple social platform for multiple distribution at once

Streaming To Any Server

  • Send One stream to any social media or server platform for Live restreaming application
  • Our formats are compatible to any system
  • Can send the same streams to multiple platforms for multiple distribution at once


In case of router disconnection or Link disconnection to the player or to a server, the encoder will try to reconnect automatically as soon as the network is connection is restored with no manual intervention required

Custom Settings

  • Output stream format is standard and compatible to any device or platform
  • Specific applications may require packets customization, possible via the advanced control menu
  • Please contact our tech support for any specific need, or check the instruction manual for the related guidance


HDMI Video Input

  • 1x pro HDMI type A connector Gold Plated contacts humidity & dust resistant.
  • Up To HDMI1.4.
  • Supports up to 10Gbps 1080p 4:4:4.
  • CC Closed Caption
  • Standard HDMI-Embedded closed caption is supported.

Audio Inputs

  •  Audio input is selectable between HDMI Standard Embedded or Separated L/R Stereo unbalanced analog input via 3.5mm stereo jack.
  •  HDMI Embedded digital input
  •  3.5 mm analog stereo audio
  • 1 Vrms (0 dBV)
  • 14.3 kO (gain = 0 dB)
  • -60 dB to +6 dB (default is 0 dB)

Network Connection

  • RJ45 Electrical connection compatible to any CAT5 CAT6 CAT7 CAT8 Ethernet cable
  • 100 Megabit Streaming with Auto Negotiation 100 base T
  •  Layer2 network switch with video streaming capabilities is recommended
  •  Layer3 or Higher switches are compatible
  • Can also be connected directly to an internet router for direct-to-internet streaming
  • Hot-Swappable Bus Connector
  • Professional Multi-Layer Gold-Plated dust - humidity - vibration proof data buss connector for Safe Hot-Swappable operation
  • Card can be installed or removed at any time to the Main Chassis without the need to turn off the whole system nor stop any other card process. 100% Hot Swappable