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VuMATRIX- 4K Videowall 2x2 - with Control App

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Build Any-Size HDMI matyrix distribution in Minutes with POE and phone APP

  • TURN-KEY 2X2 4K VIDEO-WALL Over IP System up to FULL 4K HDR Dolby Vision with V/H 360 Rotation Effects ( tv , router, cables or tv stand not included)

  • Works over any 1 Gigabit Managed Switch and can install the HDMI Input box anywhere away from the 4 screens

  • Expand to Mosaic & Picture in Picture Effects by adding more HDMI Input Boxes to the same IP Network Switch

  • Expand to Multiple Video-Walls simply installing more TURN-KEY Systems over the same IP Network Switch

  • IOS/ANDROID FREE APP to control & create Scenes Switch Presets you can share on multi phones & tablets





Connect your switch router, Up to 99 Transmitters, Unlimited Receivers ,Plug 'n Play, Anywhere!






  • You can always expand the Videowall system as you need at any time by simply adding more Vumatrix HDMI Over IP Transmitters and Receivers.

  • Use our FREE APP on your Tablets and Smart Phones to switch any TV to the wanted hdmi source in one click.

  • With our app you can create PRESETS to click and switch multiple TVs to the wanted source, ideal for commercial, bar, schools, churches, home events, etc, with the ability to define sources, destinations and presets names.

  • Matrix Switch Control can also be done from ir infrared remote controls and any home automation.

  • With Vumatrix you can install all your HDMI video sources in one closet, then decide room by room, tv by tv, which source you want to watch Each Vumatrix unit includes the IR Infrared over ip bridge so you can remote-control the watched source from any room and any tv with the regular remote.

  • There is no need for any special switch nor configuration, simply set the ID number per each transmitter on the transmitter display, then start using your video network.

  • The VUMATRIX is the ideal, simple to install, professional, cost effective Newest solution for any HDMI OVER IP Matrix and Video Distribution, were perfect quality and simple reliable operation for everyone are wanted.itch Network

  • Build any size distribution in minutes



Connect your VUMATRIX hdmi over ip transmitters and receivers over your existing 1 Gigabit switch router, plug 'n play Anywhere, with no need for any special configuration or dedicated network. Add up to 99 Transmitters and Unlimited Receivers anywhere, also cascading multiple 1 Gigabit switches.

Set Transmitters IDs

Use the Front Buttons, Set each HDMI Transmitter, to a different source ID
Install One VUMATRIX hdmi over ip Transmitter per each of your HDMI Video sources then use the front buttons to set each transmitter to a different number. No computer required. Simple in few clicks. Up to 99 hdmi over ip Transmitters can be added to your 1 gigabit ip network, also through cascaded 1 gigabit switches without loss of quality, shared with other regular network traffic.

Set Receivers IDs

Use the Front Buttons, Set each HDMI Receiver, to a different display ID
Install One VUMATRIX hdmi over ip Receiver per each of your HDMI TVs / Displays / Projectors, then use the front buttons to set each receiver to a different number. No computer required. Simple in few clicks. Up to unlimited hdmi over ip Receivers can be added to your 1 gigabit ip network, also through cascaded 1 gigabit switches without loss of quality, shared with other regular network traffic.

Connect your Sources

SD / HD / 4K up to Full UHD @60 4:4:4 HDR Dolby Vision HDMI 2.0 HDCP 2.2
VUMATRIX HD-4K-POE-KIT hdmi over ip matrix extender supports any HDMI Video source up to HDMI-2.0 HDCP-2.2 with FULL PERFECT QUALITY 4:4:4 60 Frames per second perfect motion and HDR for HDR displays.

Connect your TVs

HDMI EDID auto-detection drives precisely your screens, always perfect
VUMATRIX HD-4K-POE-KIT hdmi over ip receiver can connect to any TV, Display, Projector, with automatic EDID detection and scaling in case the display cannot support the actual resolution in use, so the playback of the selected transmitter source is always automatically perfect. The VuMATRIX HD-4K-POE-KIT Receiver can output any resolution from HD up to true Full 4K UHD 60 Frames per second 4:4:4 and supports HDR and Dolby Vision displays. Full Best Quality.

Any Remote Control

Change the Channel on each receiver using the included IR Remote, or via any third party controller and automation, IR, API, IP
VUMATRIX HD-4K-POE-KIT receivers comes with our IR Remote control included, so you can switch the receiver to any transmitter channel in one click, as well from the receiver front panel buttons. Simple for everyone and Reliable at all times. You can also learn our IR commands on any programmable control system and automation, or use over IP API Telnet commands, easy to add to any standard generic driver, up to date with the automation release version you are using.

Iphone / Ipad / Android Control

Use our VUMATRIX Smart Controller unit and download the VUMATRIX Free App from Apple Store or Google Play
VUMATRIX HD-4K-POE-KIT can be controlled via your Iphones / Ipads /Android Phones and Tablets simply using our Smart Controller Unit downloading our VUMATRIX Free App from the Apple Store or Google Play. With our App you have no limits and can create scenarios you can recall by name in one click.

POE Power Over Ethernet

One cable only installation, simple, quick, clean, no extra power supplies
VUMATRIX HD-4K-POE-KIT can be directly powered by your switch if it supports the POE power over ethernet function, via the CATx cable, with a 5 watts per unit ultra low - green consumption. One Wire simple and clean installation.

Simple Installation

Installs and works anywhere in minutes
The VUMATRIX HD-4K-POE-KIT units comes with Side Ears for an easy and flexible installation Anywhere. An optional Rack Rail Kit is also available to install up to 15 VuMATRIX transmitters per each 4RU Rack space.

Compact & Cool

Noise-less, Fan-Less, does not heat, can install anywhere without disturbing nor special requirements
The VUMATRIX HD-4K-POE units are compact, noiseless, fanless, cool operation without heating, you can install it anywhere, behind TVs, in closets, racks, from 36F to 120F operation and non-condensing humidity up to 95%.

The Best HDMI Matrix

Modular, Flexible, HD & 4K, Expandable by adding modules at any time in one click
The VUMATRIX HD-4K-POE technology delivers you the all the benefits of the HDMI Over IP Video distribution, flexible to configure any size of matrix, expandable by adding modules anywhere at any time, without bothering you with special manual configurations, dedicated switches or cables, and the ability to replace any module by simply setting the same number on the display, with 5 year of warranty. PVI Made In USA.


HDMI Over IP Matrix Extender with APP Control



  • VUMATRIX distribute your HDMI Video Sources over your POE Ethernet network with perfect Full HD / 4K60 Quality and Matrix Switch Control

  • PVI VUMATRIX HD-4K-POE-KIT distribute your HD and 4K video over your existing 1 gigabit ip ethernet lan network switch router with simple plug 'n play installation anywhere, also using the POE power over ethernet where available so there is no need to use the included AC power adapter.

  • Simply add one Vumatrix transmitter per each of your Video Sources you want to distribute, and one Vumatrix Receiver behind each TV connected to the TV HDMI port.

  • Free APP for easy control







  •  up to 4K@30Hz 4:4:4

  • Signal extension up to 150M over CAT5e (or greater), 60KM over fiber optic cable.

  • Supports PoE (Power over Ethernet), up to 15W for power input.

  • Built-in loop-out port for an extra local HDMI display at TX side.

  • Workable with Ethernet switches for HDMI extension, distribtuion, switching, and matrix.

  • HDCP 2.2, USB 1.1, USB 2.0

  • Audio Format 7.1 LPCM 192kHz, Dolby True HD, DTS-HD Master Audio, ATMOS, DTS:X

  • IR Support 20-60kHz , ±45°, 5M

  • IR Interface1 x 3.5mm Stereo Phone Jack1 x 3.5mm Stereo Phone Jack

  • Video Input 1 x HDMI Type A1 x RJ45

  • Video Output1 x RJ45HDMI Type A

  • Video Loop-out1 x HDMI Type A

  • Analog Audio Input1 x 3.5mm Stereo Phone Jack (Line In) 1 x 3.5mm Mono Phone Jack (Mic In)

  • Analog Audio Output1 x 3.5mm Stereo Phone Jack (Line Out)1 x 3.5mm Stereo Phone Jack (Line Out)

  • USB Interface1 x USB Type B (USB 2.0)2 x USB Type A (USB 1.1)2 x USB Type A (USB 2.0)

  • RS232 Interface1 x DB9 Female1 x DB9 Male

  • Link Interface1 x RJ45, 1 x SFP1 x RJ45, 1 x SFP