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INFINIUM 4K - 4K/HD Video Distribution Chassis -g

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Key Features:


  • HD 4K Video Distribution Solution System Chassis modular Hot-Swappable

  • Direct to IP Streaming Multi-Gigabit outputs with multi rate / format / protocols

  • 14 Free Slots to install HDMI SDI HD 4K Video Transmission Encoder Cards

  • 1 Special Option Slot to add 4K over RF Coax module to drive 4K Coax TVs if needed

  •  Dual Hot-Swappable Power Supplies

  •  Dual Hot-Swappable Silent Fans


PVI Infinium Chassis can install up to 14 cards




  • PVI INFINIUM 4K HDMI encoder has 14 empty slots for multi channel live streaming encoder configurations

  • The PVI Infinium Chassis can install up to 14 cards

  • PVI Infinium 4K Video Distribution System Chassis is a professional broadcasting 4k live streaming headend solution with redundant hot-swappable power supplies and dual hot-swappable super-quiet fans which can install up to 14 Hot Swappable Cards including 4K HEVC SRT Video encoders, HD Encoders, SDI encoders, with Multi-Gigabit RTMP HLS SRT M3U8 UDP RTSP RTP HTTP IPTV IP Live streaming multi-port server for maximum throughput & redundancy.

  • Where Coaxial TV Distribution is needed, a special slot on the left side can also install our 4K RF Coaxial Modulator module based on our Award Winning VeCOAX technology to deliver HD & 4K channels to regular 4K TVs over coax.





PVI INFINIUM is always OnAIR on your networks

PVI INFINIUM 4k video encoder rf modulator has hot-swappable encoder channels to convert 4k video over coax or ip live streaming compatible qam atsc isdbt dvbt srt iptv
HOT-SWAPPABLE Operation PVI INFINIUM is always OnAIR on your networks

PVI INFINIUM 4K Video Distribution solution has fully redundant host swappable cards technology which makes it possible to service or expand the installed cards one by one independently without never ever turning off the whole system.

With PVI INFINIUM you can always count to be ONAIR with your channels.


UP To HDMI 2.0b 4K@60 HDR+ Channels
PVI INFINIUM Handles the New Formats
PVI INFINIUM 4K Encoders Cards are available with HDMI 2.0b 18 gigabit per second HDR+ Dolby Vision inputs, perfectly compatible to the newest HDMI 4K video sources, to encode and deliver real full quality 4K over IP or Coaxial networks using our ultimate HEVC or H.264 compression algorithms. Our EDID control will set the video source up to HDMI 2.0b 18Gbps mode to get full color depth and maximum quality so the result on the playback TVs and devices will be Amazing. With PVI INFINIUM video quality exceeds the expectations.


Still need HD? INFINIUM Handles all HD formats.
PVI INFINIUM Video Distribution Chassis can install HD Video Encoder Cards available for both HDMI or 3G-SDI sources to encode and distribute any 480p 576p 720P 1080i 1080p or non-standard sources to h.264 or HEVC compressed streams with the ultimated HDR-optimized HD motion estimation algorithms. For NON-4K video sources the INFINIUM HD-ONLY Video Encoder Cards delivers amazing HD video quality with new lowest bitrates



Gigabit Unicast Server


Multi-Gigabit Unicast Server


 PVI INFINIUM can Handle Thousands of simultaneous connected users


IP Streaming to Smart TVs or Phones or Tablets or Direct to browsers HTML5 requires the UNICAST SERVER method as each playback is a unique "on-demand" connection.

The PVI INFINIUM has multiple built-in gigabit-class UNICAST SERVERS, one per each channel so it can accomodate thousands of user at the same time, with no problems.

Over a Local network switch, the Gigabit switch will digest and reroute the full 14 Gigabit INFINIUM capacity on demand to each user (14 INFINIUM channels installed each connected with one cable to the main layer2 or layer3 network switch).

For internet direct streaming the limit is the available local internet connection bandwidth, however it is always possible to send one stream per channel to larger streaming platform such as YOUTUBE or AWS or similar, so they can repeat and deliver the live streaming to million of concurent users at the same time.

For SRT capable players such as VLC Videolan based devices or our PVI VEPLAYER hardware decoder, the PVI INFINIUM comes already with the ultimate SRT super ultra low latency performance so the latency over the intenret can be 50 milliseconds plus the internet TTL.


4K Over Coax


Add 4K Over Coax


 PVI INFINIUM upgrades any Existing TV Coax Distribution To 4K 60 HDR+

Where needed the PVI INFINIUM chassis can add a specific add-on 4K Modulator module to deliver the HD 4K Channels also over coax up to Full 4K @60 hdr+ to an unlimited number of 4K TVs without the need to change the actual TV Coax Cables installation including amplifiers or splitters.

All stays the same, simply add the PVI INFINIUM with the 4K RF Modulator module, based on our AWARD WINNING VeCOAX Technology. With PVI INFINIUM IP Streaming & Coaxial networks, HD 4K works all at the same time, with one single modular expandable unit. No Limits.