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Rack Mount Bars Kit to install multiple modules on any rack system


  • 19" Rack Mount Bars Kit for ProVideoInstruments Modules

  • Installs up to 10 Larger Size Modules such as MINIMOD-2 & MINIMOD-2+

  • Installs up to 16 Compact Size Modules such as VeCASTER & VePLAYER

  • Multiple Rack Bars Kit can be installed in the same rack to expand the total amount of installed channels

  • Easy Installation - Reliable - Affordable - Free Unlimited Tech Support - 5 Year warranty - Best Quality & Price!


 Application examples of How To Use This Model:


19" RackBars Kit to install

  • 10x VeCOAX Minimod-2 / Minimod-2+
  • 10x VeCOAX Micromod3
  • 10xVeCOAX Micromod SDI
  • 10x Vumatrix 4K
  • 16x Vecaster / Veplayer