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VECOAX MINI BLADE Modular HDMI Modulator -g

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The VeCOAX MINI BLADE multi channel HDMI RF modulator is the Best solution to distribute Multiple HDMI video sources to an unlimited number of TVs over the existing Coaxial TV cables.

The Modular design of the VeCOAX Mini Blade RF modulator allows to add HDMI distribution channels one by one as you go, delivering the best reliability for any commercial or residential application as each module is totally independent from the others without sharing any electronics.

multi channel hd hdmi hdtv rf modulator with modular expandable design to distribute HDMI to multiple TVs as an HDMI splitter extender

multi channel qam atsc hd hdmi sdi rf modulators vecoax blade

Key Features:

  • Distribute 1 to 10 Channels of Any HDMI Video to unlimited TVs over the existing TV coax cables

  • FULL HD Quality up to 1080P 60 & Dolby Audio

  • Simple Installation via Color display & Easy Menu - No need for computer - Can Split Coax to unlimited TVs also 9800Ft away without extra Amplification.

  • Works with Any HDMI Video Source - Full Broadcast-Grade Quality, Perfect - New Super Ultra low latency Encoding for Any Live Application

  • Compatible to Any HD Television can also mix with existing channels ( any standard )

  • QAM ATSC ISDBT DVBT DVBC DMBT Select Via Color Display

  • Modular Design for Easy Expansion & Maintenance on site of single channels as needed - 5 Year Warranty - Revolutionary Quality & Best Price



 VECOAX MINIBLADE is a Modular Expandable HDMI Modulator to channels, expandable from 1 up to 10 channels / modules, to distribute HD Video Over coax to an unlimited number of TVs with real time perfect quality at any distance. There is no need for any new cables nor accessory behind each tv, so the installation is very simple, immediate, plug 'n play anywhere, perfect for any application. Set the wanted channel names & position numbers, then rescan all TVs to find the VECOAX MINIBLADE Channels as new available HDTV TV Channels. Expand the number of channels at any time by simply adding more VeCOAX MINIBLADES modulators on the same coax. The PVI VeCOAX MINIBLADE HD Modulators are compatible to any HD Video Source & HD Television, limitless, Made in USA with Free Unlimited Tech Support and 5 Year Warranty.

The bundle is composed with rack bars, rack plates and minimods and is fully configurable


Key Benefits:

  • Impressive Video & Sound quality also on the latest 8K TVs

  • Easy to configure in few clicks via color display, works in minutes without struggles.

  • No need for a computer to configure

  • Can also be remote-controlled via web interface from smart phones or PC

  • Each module is independent and has its own power supply, best for commercial applications where reliability is everything

  • Proven Reliability of the VeCOAX Minimod 2, multiple award winner since 2017

  • Modular reliability: you add or exchange one module, not the entire equipment.


 Technical Specification per each channel:

  • HDMI Input resolution 1080p | 1080i| 720p| 576p| 576i| 480p| 480i @ 24|50|60fps Output Resoultion : Same as input
  • HDMI Audio Format: Dolby Digital Stereo LPCM
  • RF frequency range: 5 - 950 MHz
  • RF Channel Bandwith: 6/7/8 MHz. Model specific to the broadcast format
  • Channel Range: 2-69 ATSC Mode | 2-256 QAM mode
  • Select Via Frequency or Via Channel Number List
  • RF Output power: -8dBm | ~45dBmv
  • RF Connector type: F-Type Dual
  • Coaxial cable Characteristic impedance: 75Ω
  • Coaxial cable support types: RG59 | RG6
  • RF transmission distance: ≤3000m(~9800 ft) depending from the coaxial loss.
    If coaxial is very lossy in line rf amplifier can be used to extend the range as needed.
  • Max working current: 850mA @ 12 volts
  • Power adapter format Input: AC 100V~240V 50HZ/60Hz, DC12V/1A
  • Operating Temperature range: -10 to +45℃
  • Storage Temperature range: -20 to +60℃
  • Operating Humidity range: 10 to 90%RH (No Condensation)
  • Storage Humidity range: 5 to 95%RH (No Condensation)
  • Units Dimensions (LxWxH): 6in * 3in(4.5in with wall mount ears) * 1in
  • System Weight: 1 lbs
  • Carton Dimensions (Individual): 11 in. (L) 6 in. (W) 9 3 in (H);
  • Shipping Weight: 1 lbs
  • Hardware , software and display UI are PVI's patent.

VECOAX MINIBLADE is the ideal choice to distribute HDMI Video Sources to TVs with real time perfect quality without the playback lag between TVs typical of any other HDMI splitter extender solution.