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VECODER ULTRA | Multichannel HDMI over IP video encoder streaming server to distribute IPTV

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  •  Multi HDMI over IP HD Streaming IPTV Encoder 
  • Real Time Hardware IP Video Encoder,
  • HDMI Licensed
  • 480i / 720p / 1080i / 1080p Full HD Streaming Server 
  • Mpeg2 AAC AC3 Audio Encoding
  • Built-In Simultaneous M3U8, HLS, HTTP, RTMP, RTSP IPTV Streaming Server
  • Four Scalers and Multi-Rate per each channel, Logo Inserters





Stream everywhere



  • Direct To Iphones Ipads Galaxy Android HLS play direct from the device browser no app required
  • Direct To PCs using any Windows Mac Linux video player such as VLC, Media Player, Kodi, and similar
  • Direct To Internet using the existing router with a public ip
  • Direct To YouTube to stream live TV & Radio channels to millions of users with or without login
  • Direct To FaceBook, YouTube Red, Wowza, Akamai, and any other media server with token, login, any ADVANCED EDID control to manage any video source automatically
  • Built-In COLOR BARS HD reference signal for installation and in case of input video loss
  • Four Simultaneous HDMI video sources to Four simultaneous IP Streaming out distribution in a box
  • HDMI digital-perfect quality streaming at any distance up to 1080p 60 Full HD
  • Any HDMI Resolution including SD / HD / and typical Computer ones
    Frame Rate Encoding Control per each channel, from 1FPS to 60 fps
  • Independent Video Scaler per each channel, to resize the video input to any resolution out for any specific Target Audience
  • Real Time Super-Fast processing for Live Real Time Applications
  • Licensed HDMI inputs - works with any HDMI Video Source
  • Simple installation and operation over any existing switch / router / network via computer and secure login Web Interface
  • Add Multiple units for more channels by setting different IP addresses per each unit
  • Selectable Audio Format per each channel including Dolby Digital AC3, Mpeg1L2, AAC
  • CC Closed Caption compatible via HDMI cable / active on the native HDMI
    ALL-STREAMING MODES are built-in and can be activated channel by channel at same time as: M3U8 / HLS / RTMP / RTSP / HTTP / UDP / ONVIF
  • Built-In Multicast - Unicast Multi-Gigabit server for direct streaming to hundreds of players on LAN / WIFI / WEB.
  • Low Latency is standard - UDP streaming is Real Time Live-Like - <50 milliseconds HDMI input - to - IP Output
  • Broadcast Video Encoding processors for the ultimate video quality and the lowest bandwidth today possible
  • Stream Descriptors control to edit Programs Names, PIDs, Channel Numbers, Descriptors
  • Modular Design for total reliability, zero down-time, expandable, manageable, flexible.
  • Compact Dimensions & Quiet/Silent Operation fits in every application, anywhere
  • Expandable Up To 16 Channels on site at any time by simply adding expansion channels cards
  • Simple Installation, For Everyone, Anywhere, In Minutes, For the Best Price on the Market



PVI Award Winning  Streaming Technology



  • 5 Years of warranty



 4 HDMI over IP HD Streaming IPTV Encoder

Technical Specifications:

Power 100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz, 60W max. 30W Typical IEC 60320-C14
Cooling Dual internal cooling fans with Front inlet and Sides exhaust
Fan dB level <20db Super Quiet Operation under normal conditions
Temperature/Humidity +32 F° to +115 F° (0 C° to +46 C°) / 10% to 80% non-condensing
Vibration NSTA 1A in carton
MTBF 55,000 hours
Compliance FCC Class A, IEC60065, EN61000, CE, RoHS, RCM C-Tick
Enclosure Type EMI Shielded Metal
Mounting In-Rack Mounting with 19" Rack Ears adapters included, 1RU high
Enclosure Dimensions 1.72 in. (H) x 19 in. ( front external rack ear to ear dimension ) x 12.5 in. (D)
System Weight 12.47 lbs. (5.6 kg)
Carton Dimensions (Individual) 4.25 in. (H) 30.875 in. W 14.015 in (D); 108 mm (H) 785 (mm) W 356 (mm) (D)
Shipping Weight 15.1 lbs. (6.85 kg)
Warranty 5 years
Reliability Modular Cards for zero downtime 24/7 Operation
System Maintenance Modular Design allows on-site replacement of any encoder processing board card without removing the system from site

Remote Control Via PC and provided Management Software
Simple Setup Simple configuration via Login-Protected Web Interface
IPTV Networks Built-In Multi-Gigabit IPTV Server to drive directly any LAN, WIFI, INTERNET, with M3U8, HLS, RTMP, HTTP, UDP, RTSP
HDMI Inputs Licensed HDMI inputs compatible to any HDMI Video source
Multi-Units Multiple units can be used on the same network for more channels, by simply configuring different IP Addresses per each machine

HDMI 4 ports of Licensed HDMI input - compatible to any HDMI Video Source up to 1080p resolution
HDMI Version Compatible to any HDMI source including HDMI 2.0 ( Max input resolutions 1080p 60 )
EDID Control Advanced EDID Auto control compatible with any HDMI Video source
AUTO Detection Auto frame-rate input switching
CC Closed Caption Digital In-HDMI CC video pass
Video Resolutions 480i / 480p / 576i / 576p / 720p / 1080i / 1080p ( AUTO EDID or Selectable SCALER per channel )
Sub Resolutions and PC Resolutions are also supported on both HDMI Inputs and the Target Encoding
Frames Ratio 1 to 60 FPS selectable stream by stream
Aspect Ratios 16:9 / 4:3 / Film mode detection (3:2 pull-down)
When used in 4k MODE , 2 HDMI inputs will be working in 4K and the other 2 HDMI input will not be working. If used in HD all 4 HDMI input will work. 
This unit can do 2 4K channels or 4 HD channels.

HDMI AUDIO Any HDMI Embedded Digital Audio

TEST GENERATOR Built-In Broadcast HD Test Pattern Generator for plug 'n play installations and input signal lost detection

Encoder Video Profile - Selectable per each HDMI / per each of the 4 Multi-rate sub stream
- MPEG4 H.264 base profile / main profile / high profile - any level
Encoding Mode Interlace & Progressive encoding support
Video Processing Extensive video pre-processing help get the best picture whatever the source
Processors Per Channel Broadcast Encoder Chipsets for maximum Quality
Video Processing Extensive video pre-processing including Noise reduction and Resolution changing
Encoding In-Out Latency <50 milliseconds HDMI input to IP out in udp mode - Excluded player buffering
Traffic Shaping Selectable Triple Motion Estimation Look-Ahead Statistical Variable Bitrate or Constant Bitrate
Video Encoding Data Rates VBR Variable, 64Kbps 15Mbps per channel
Color Profile 4:2:0 Broadcast Grade Sampling
GOP Size 15
PCR Precision Broadcast-Grade Accuracy

Channels 1 x stereo audio channel processing
Audio Formats - Dolby Digital® (AC-3) - Encoding rates from 56 kbps to 640 kbps
- MPEG-1 Layer II Audio Encoding Standard Encoding rates from 32 kbps to 384 kbps
- AAC Advanced Audio Coding
- MP3 Audio Encoding
Audio Video Sync Automatic Audio Video frame by frame synchronization with Time Stamp

PIDs Numbering Full Control to match any specific Network Provider or application Needs
Descriptors Full Control to set Programs Names / Network / Provider

NETWORK In-Band Ip web remote control via secure login

Integrations Compatible with any Automation, set channels numbers and names, auto-detects formats & resolutions changes on the fly.
Then Usually the Automation controls the sources and the destination TVs to select the channel to watch as there is no need to change the encoder settings at any time. Easy To Install, Simple to Operate, Reliable, Cost-Effective, Real-Time with no maintenance required.