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BT-EAS-1-KIT - Emergency Alert System and Processor Kit

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EAS Emergency Alert System and  TV EAS Processor Card for VeCOAX BT Chassis Bundle Kit


  • TV Broadcast EAS Emergency Alert System Add-On for VeCOAX ULTRA PRO / BT series chassis

  • Includes one EAS GPI Master controller box to capture the GPI EAS command and deliver it to all units via NMS network

  • Includes one EAS MUX CARD to install within each VeCOAX Ultra PRO/BT to perform the EAS in the unit

  • Simple operation, at dry contact closure, all units with the EAS card installed will switch to the designated channel/stream/asi channel

  • EAS status ends by simply releasing ( opening ) the dry contact switch terminals on the EAS Controller box


Technical specifications


  • ASI input: 1 ASI input (SPTS), BNC 75Ω

  • IP input: 256 IP input thru 1 GE1 (100/1000M) 

  • EAS Source: ASI or IP (the 256th IP) (ASI&IP should be SPTS, both can’t mux, source Bitrate≤10Mbps)

  • Re-multiplexing: PID remapping, PCR correction (only for IP), generate PSI/ SI table automatically

  • Stream Out: 4 IP output thru GE1, maximum 16 programs each channel