Troubleshoot TV Coaxial Splitters

1) Disconnect All Cables from the Coaxial Splitter

2) Connect the Minimod2+ to the splitter
- No need for HDMI input

- Check on the Minimod Display the TV Standard is what you need (CABLE/AIR)

- Check the Minimod ON-AIR green light is on

3) Connect the coaxial cable to the TV that was working with the minimod2+ connected directly

     - is you did not do this direct-connection TEST please click here and follow the SINGLE UNIT QUICK INSTALLATION STEPS

4) Nothing Else connected to the splitter, only the Minimod2+ and the previously working TV

5) If the TV Shows the Minimod2+ COLOR BARS Test signal, proceed to step 7

6) If the TV does not show anymore the Minimod2+ color bars test signal try these steps:

  • 6A) Remove the splitter and connect the Minimod2+ directly to the coaxial cable that goes to the TV and check if the Color Bars signal shows again as before in the Minimod2+ direct connection to the TV.

  • 6B) IF the signal is not showing, but it shows if you connect the Minimod2+ to that TV with a short piece of coaxial cable, check your coaxial cable as it might be defective

  • 6C) IF removing the splitter and connecting directly the Minimod2+ to the coaxial cable that goes to the TV shows the Minimod2+ color bars test signal, probably your splitter is defective or cannot pass digital TV signals

  • 6D) IF your Coaxial splitter is an AMPLIFIED TYPE, and connecting the Minimod2+ directly to the cable shows the color bars test signal, probably the signal level of the Minimod2+ IS TOO STRONG for your amplified active splitter, so you need to adjust the RF OUT LEVEL of the Minimod2+ to a lower level on the minimod2+ display > Channel Setup > RF OUT LEVEL.  Adjust to the lowest level and then rise if some TVs are not reached by your splitter.  Or Change the splitter to a higher model.

7) Keep monitoring the working TV with color bars signal on (let's call this the " REFERENCE TEST TV), then connect one by one / one at the time the other coaxial cables to the splitter testing if the color bars test channel is found and works on the other TVs, one by one. 

Rescan all the TVs as needed

If the channel is not found, RESET THE TV TO FACTORY to clean old data stored on the TV memory

If the channel is not found, Move the Minimod2+ to that TV and connect direct with a short coaxial.
Make sure that TV can find the Minimod2+ channel when connect direct.
If not, check the minimod2+ display setting, repeat the single unit installation steps, check the TV manual to scan digital TV channels

If by connecting one coaxial to the splitter, the color bars signal stops on the reference TV, then go back and troubleshoot what is wrong with that specific coaxial cable.

IMPORTANT: if a coaxial cable injects more TV channels to the splitter and then the Color Bars signal stops on the Reference TV, this could mean the Minimod2+ channel is in conflict with another channel. In this case change the minimod2+ channel to a Higher one from the display, rescan the TVs and test again.

IMPORTANT: if a coaxial cable injects more signals and you are using an AMPLIFIED SPLITTER, this could be SATURATED by too many signals so the splitter goes to signal distortion.
To fix this, reduce every signal level so the amplified coaxial splitter input is no more saturated, or change the splitter to a higher model.

8) If you are using Multiple Minimod2+ over the same Coaxial Splitter Combiner, and when you connect extra Minimod2+ the channels disappear from some TVs, please check:

- The Minimod2+ units are set over different parameters each other so they are not conflicting.  Go Back and Follow the Steps listed on the main Minimod2+ support page.

- If you are using an AMPLIFIED Coaxial Splitter, lower the Minimod2+ outputs levels so the Amplified Splitter input is not distorted saturated.

IMPORTANT: USING MULTIPLE MINIMOD2+ combined to a Coaxial amplified splitter might be to High In Signal Input Level and disrupt the channels.  Try reducing the RF OUT Level on each Minimod2+ to the lowest level then rise if needed/as needed.

9) For complex installations, please consider to use a SPECTRUM ANALYZER Tester, such as our PRO SPECTRUM 7 tool, so you can visualize the frequencies and visually identify where the channels gets corrupted.